First of all, OpenCarryDenver.Org wants to thank you for getting to this page. This page will lead you to petition pages. These are not official recall petitions. In order to have an official petition, we need 25% of votes, that the official recieved. In Joe Salazar case, we need approx 17,000 votes. And addition to that we have 60 days to get them.

In the regular street walking of petitions, this takes a lot of time and money. In this digital approach, we will build a database and then, when we reach the correct numbers we can create the real thing.

Be assured when you sign the below petitions, emails are sent from the president on down to the local level. On your behalf.

At this time,their are two petitions, one for Salazar and the other is to show support for a ballot initiative.

Last but not least, pass the link on to others,Facebook, twitter and any other forums you know about.